Dengue OR Malaria Prevention Treatment

Mosquito population is an annoying issue these days; this gets an unwanted increment when you have stagnant water around your area. It helps mosquito to breed and also increases the chances of Dengue, malaria, etc. Our technicians and experts are all around here to assist you in this. They will check out the issues and provide best in class Dengue/Malaria prevention treatment at reasonable cost. Every corner of your house and surrounding will be quickly and safely disinfected with our dedicated personals.

However, diagnosing Dengue is not an easy task. The symptoms are very confusing and one can think its typhoid, Zika virus, Chikungunya etc.

At the other end, Malaria is highly adaptable disease due to availability of related mosquitoes. To avoid such disease, it is recommended to take required prevention.
Both of the diseases named Dengue and Malaria can be controlled only if you follow sustainable control and prevention methods. The new and effective approaches by us at Hornet with the use of commendable tools to achieve the next level mosquitoes control are all time in demand. We have next generation strategies to provide unbeatable protection from Dengue and Malaria diseases.

Services We Offer At Hornet for Dengue/Malaria Prevention

  • Stopping the breed via killing mosquitoes’ eggs, we call it Breed-minimizing Treatment
  • WHO approved spray to be used to kill the mosquitoes hidden at corners of the house
  • The use of CIB-approved automatic dispenser for repelling mosquitoes flying or hiding

We provide WHO and NIMR certified techniques for mosquito control which handles decrement of breeding. Chemical used in our spray and dispensers are always safe as well as odorless. It does not create any problem in breathing. The treatment area should always empty while treatment process is running as there may be some chemical left in air while process is being executed.

Your safety is my priority, so our professionals are always follows of rules and regulations of Covid-19 Pandemic.

So, don’t you worry when you hire us for Dengue/malaria prevention treatment services. Just call us now, we are only a call away!

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