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Mainly the beetle family is considered as the wood borers. These tiny creatures can infest your wood and destroy it. You might not notice theses tiny creatures until they create hollow spaces in your wooden furniture, floors or other wooden objects. You will not even realize from how many years these tiny wood borers have been damaging your wood. This also gives an unpleasant appearance to the furniture as well as the place. However, you do not have to worry about these little creatures anymore, as the Hornet Pest Control will solve this problem for you. Now, no more rotten furniture or wooden objects as we will prevent the wood from getting infested by wood borers. Although several home remedies are there to keep these wood beetles away. However, all are temporary and will lead to the infestation again. At Hornet, we have trained professionals who will provide you the permanent solution with our promising and high quality services. The techniques used by us are modern and advance, which will definitely reduce and control the attack of these wood borers.

Services we Offer at the Hornet

  • Our trained professional locate the wood borers in the concerned infested wood
  • We make use of a chemical petroleum base to spray on the infected area. This would provide the maximum protection against the wood borers
  • Professionals make use of special syringes that are inserted into the holes. These syringes are filled with Wood Preservative Chemicals
  • Our package for wood borer pest control includes the provision of three services over a span of six months
  • In case of any further requirement of services, one can ask for an extended warranty period
Despite providing a long term solution to your problem, we also ensure that your safety is not compromised, especially during this period of pandemic. The trained professionals at Hornet Pest Control follow the rules and protocols of  Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, the various methods adopted by us to kill these wood borers are reliable. We provide the best control treatment services at an affordable rate. We will understand all the issues you have faced so far and offer you with the treatment service that would best suit you. So, what are you waiting for, the solution to this major problem of wood borers is just a call away.


How can I keep borers from getting into my wood?

Because wood-boring bugs like wet wood, try to dry your furniture, doors, and other wooden things. To keep wood borer from growing, fill in cracks and crevices on wood surfaces. That way, the infection won't be able to spread to other areas.

With what do you get rid of a wood borer?

If found early enough, spraying is the best way to treat it. If there are a lot of bugs, though, the house will need to be fumigated. Wood borer can seriously weaken wood if it is not handled, which could cause the structure to fall apart.

Where can I find a wood borer?

Worms and signs of them. Bore dust, also called frass, is made by adult beetles that have just emerged and can generally be seen below the infested wood. Floorboards that are weak or broken—in the worst cases, a foot or chair leg going through the floor can be a sign of a bigger problem. Wood that is falling apart around the edges or corners of floors.

Why are borer pests bad?

Borers are an insect pest that feeds inside roots and branches or dig under the bark or into the heartwood of many trees and shrubs as adults or larvae. Many kinds of boring insects can hurt a lot of different kinds of plants from the inside.

Does the wood borer get around?

Is it possible for wood borer infections to spread to other parts of my house? Yes, wood borers can spread to other parts of your house if you don't remove them. Larvae can move from one wooden building to another, and adult beetles can lay their eggs in different places.

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