Pest Control Central Delhi

Our company is one of the foremost pest control companies of Central Delhi. You can kill the pest, by following the below methods:

  • The foremost step is to ascertain the classification of the pest, ex: It may be termites, mosquitoes, rats etc.
  • Make sure your house is free from water logging, which is the genesis of most of the pests.
  • Clear all the scrap newspapers, irksome magazines that are cosy shelters for rats causing plague.
  • Less-reactive chemicals are used as because an over abundance of pesticides may cause harm as well.
  • If there are any water leakages, then fix it as soon as possible.


What is your approach to pest control?

Pest control companies should be able to tell you how they do business in your area if you
ask them this question. Pest control companies and their employees use a variety of
methods to get rid of pests. Some focus on chemical protection, while others use methods
of prevention. People and animals can get sick from pesticides if they are not handled

What is the duration of the efficacy of bug spray?

You should usually be able to see a big change in pest activity within one to two days. The
exact time frame depends on the type of pest we&'re dealing with and the materials that will
work best in the long run.

How do pests get into my house?

Pests can get into a house in several ways. As they look for food and a place to live, ants,
roaches, and even mice can get in through cracks and holes that seem too small to be real.

Can you help us get rid of pests in Central Delhi too?

Some of our experienced experts work in Delhi. In Central Delhi, we have a team of
professionals who are always ready to help our clients and answer their questions. You can
easily get quick solutions to your problems.

Is Pest Control Safe for Kids and Pets?

The safety and happiness of our customers, as well as being as eco-friendly as possible, are
the most important things to Hornet Pest Control. All of our materials are biodegradable
and approved by the EPA, and all of our technicians have had extensive training on the
safety rules and regulations that apply to their field.

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