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Every day you meet number of persons and visit so many places. You take lots of preventive measures to avoid the danger of getting infected through deadly viruses and bacteria such as Corona, Ebola and many more in list. Still, unknowingly you become a carrier of contagious viruses which passes on, through your touch, to all other places and materials you often use at home. Thus, infection does not cause only with close contact with humans but also through coming in contact with many other touch points and materials at home as these viruses are strong enough to remain active on different surfaces for long hours. You cannot stop going outside but yes you can overcome this risk by having your home sanitized through Professional Disinfection Services. We at Hornet Pest Control understand the importance of you and your family’s health and need of a living space free from all infectious diseases. We are the provider of world class Disinfection Services in India to ensure you a home where you can live without the danger of such deadly and contagious viruses. Our disinfection service involves disinfection and sensitization of almost every nook and corner of your house with certified chemicals which is safe for your kids , old persons and pets.

Our Service Includes:

  • Inspection of premises: Our team visits and inspects your house as per consultation with you and estimate the requirement of disinfection.
  • Disinfection process: We provide complete disinfection of your house both surfaces and all touch points with certified chemical which is kids and pet friendly. Not just the rooms but all touch points like shelf tops, door nobs, handles, furniture tops etc. everything is treated with chemicals eradicate the infectious bacteria, viruses and germs.
  • Preventive Measures: Our specialized team use PPE kits to cover themselves to provide a safe visit to your home and use specialized process t o that ensures you a safe and healthy stay in your home. The process can be carried out without vacating the house which makes it more easy and convenient and hassle free.
Visits: It is a single visit job.

What you need to inform during booking a visit:

  • Do give us the information about any family member is or was infected with covid or any other virus.
  • Number of rooms and area should be specified which you want to disinfect.
  • Specified time slot when you want to carry on the disinfection process.

Why chose us:

  • We are the certified providers of Pest Control in India.
  • Our team is specialized in handling small as well as big premises.
  • We use certified disinfection chemicals recommended and approved by renowned institutions.
  • We provide complete assurance of safe visit. A complete health monitoring is done regularly of our team to provide our clients a safe visit at their premises.
  • Our process does not require vacating your house.
  • We have a large number of satisfied customer bases who seek our services on regular basis.
  • FAQs

    How does one define cleanliness compared to sanitation?

    Keep in mind that sanitizing and cleaning are completely distinct concepts. To clean a surface, like a plate or a countertop, one must first remove any food particles and other soils. The quantity of infectious microbes on the disinfected surface is reduced to an acceptable level during the sanitizing process.

    Why is a sanitization procedure required?

    Sanitizing anything brings the microbial count down to a level where it is safe to eat. What is considered a safe level depends on the workplace, school, or other institution's public health standards.

    How does one go about sanitizing?

    Heat, radiation, or chemicals can all be used to sanitize. The presence of heat and chemicals is commonplace. utilized as a means of disinfection at a dining establishment, however, the application of radiation for this objective is quite unusual.

    In disinfection, what kind of chemical is used?

    The use of chemical chemicals that can eliminate germs is another method of achieving sanitization. Iodine, chlorine or bleach, and quaternary ammonium are three of the most used sanitizers.

    Why is sanitization crucial?

    Sanitizing helps decrease the number of germs that are remaining on surfaces after cleaning. Even after a thorough cleaning, some surfaces may retain bacteria and viruses; disinfecting Anthem helps get rid of them.

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