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Our company Hornet Pest Control is now one of the famed firms of Faridabad. The credit solely goes to the sponsor and the hardworking employees as well. The workmen are full of enthusiasm and upscale management knowledge. The company is serving in the field of Pest Controlling since a decade. One factor you’ll find missing in even the top companies in this domain is the time management. Time is very essential; our workers are impeccably punctual and never delay in providing their service to help the consumers anyhow. There are some strict protocols of our company which has led it to reach this epic level of achievement.


Are termites able to consume wood?

Wood (cellulose) is a food source that termites enjoy eating. Termites play an important
part in the process of converting wood into humus. The digestion of cellulose is
accomplished by termites through the utilization of symbiotic microbes that reside within
their stomachs. The search for new sources of food is being conducted by individuals who
are extremely well-organized and persistent.

Can termite make their way through concrete?

Termites can only enter through a crack that is 1/32 of an inch wide, but they cannot get
past solid concrete. Larger cracks like these frequently appear where two pieces of concrete
meet, such as when they are poured independently, around plumbing penetrations, or in
areas where the concrete has openings.

How long do termites typically live?

It takes a worker termite approximately one to two years to reach maturity. Over several
decades, a queen may live.

Do you use licensed, bonded, and insured exterminators?

If an exterminator or pest control company cannot provide a resounding yes to this inquiry!
Then head in the opposite direction! Our business is licensed, bonded, and insured, and we
offer pest control services.

In addition, would you be able to assist us in getting rid of pests in Faridabad?

We have some of our most experienced professionals working in Faridabad at the moment. In
Faridabad, we have a team of professionals who are always ready to assist our clients and
provide answers to any questions that they might have. Obtaining solutions to your problems
promptly is not at all difficult.

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