Bird Spike Or Bird Netting

The inconvenience made by birds at residential, commercial and public places may drop you in annoying situation. It is not easy to deal with such situations because; most of us don’t want to damage the birds. The only way to handle such unpleasant sights is hiring professional bird spike/bird netting service from well known even reliable service provider.

Bird droppings are really harmful as it carry virus, fungi, bacteria etc that can further gives invitation to multiple health hazards. The use of our high quality nets makes you free from annoying pigeons those are disturbing you since a long time. You can easily get freedom from such issues when you are in touch with us.

We at Hornets are right here offering easy, safe, and quick solutions for you to stop the nuisance of birds around you. No matter it is a group of sparrow, crow, or pigeon, we can easily handle them without killing them. We offer services for both premises residential and commercial. We help you to maintain the cleanliness in your surroundings by installing safe bird netting facility, it restricts birds to make nests in balconies, windows etc so that they can’t litter here and there.

At the same end, we are offering bird netting for industrial areas too. The products we use for bird control and netting are safe and don’t damage the birds so, we assure you not to harm the birds.

Services We offer at Hornets for Bird Netting

  • We use UV resistant netting to catch the birds so that the net will run for long time
  • The service for bird spike by us is for long run, basically it is for 3-5 years
  • The appealing design of our bird spike net is attractive and worthy to be used

What We Do In Our Visits For Bird Spike

  • We go to the place and inspect that if requested specially 1
  • Our services are all time available but, without special request it is only done at one visit

Specific terms and conditions for Bird netting services

  • If you have already schedule the meeting and not taken within 30 days then, it will be cancelled
  • At the same time, if you have booked the service then, it should be taken within a month otherwise it will be cancelled.

We believe in security of our clients and ours so we follow all the precautionary measures for covid 19. By the time, we are at customer’s place to mount the bird nets we keep in mind all the safety guidelines. From tip to toe, we keep ourselves covered and we also keep our hands sanitized all time.

We always provide bird netting services as specifications shared by client like it is about to catch pigeon, sparrow or some other variation of birds. Accordingly we provide the quote for bird. spike service as well as the quote is also depends over the size of area where services are being offered.

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